Respiratory Protection

CleanAir Asbest PAPR with RCF02 Mask, P3 Filter, Hose & Belt

Product Code: RPA519a
Includes: RCF02 Facemask, Li-ion Battery, Comfort Belt, Flex hose and fittings & Recharger

Maxisafe Advantages
  • Exceptionally light and compact, belt mounted PAPR ideal for asbestos handling
  • High nominal protection factor (NPF 2000)
  • Simple operation and decontamination by shower
  • Lithium-Ion 7.2 V, 2.2 Ah exchangeable battery
  • Operation time up to 5 hours with low battery indicator
  • Superior, spherical visor eliminates distortion and offers broad view
  • Anti-scratch visor also with replaceable protection cover
  • 6-point harness with non-sticky surface prevents hair entanglement
  • Asbestos Handling
  • Sanding or Grinding
  • Construction Industry
  • Cleaning
Product Codes:
  • RPA519 Full Face Respirator and Asbest PAPR
  • R560010¬†Particle filter P R SL
  • RCF02-VC Visor Protection Cover