Respiratory Protection

STS Full Face Respirator with DIN Thread

STS Full Face Respirator with DIN Thread

Product Code: R720600L (Was RCF02)

 Lightweight full-face mask with a superior visor

RCF02 is a lightweight full face mask suitable to the demanding chemical conditions. The mask can be used with a wide range of standard canister filters and powered air purifying systems CleanAIR®. The mask has a superior spherical visor which is minimizing the distance between the eyes and the visor. This design feature eliminates distortion and provides clear and broad field of vision. The visor is equipped with anti-scratch coating that guarantees high mechanical resistance which can be further increased by a protection foil. The mask body is made of high quality Styrene TPE which guarantees high chemical resistance and a long operation life. The six point head harness ensures a secure and easy fit. Its non-sticky surface prevents hair from tangling.

Shigematsu Advantages
  • Lightweight 435g, full face mask suitable for demanding conditions
  • High quality Styrene TPE mask body guarantees high chemical resistance
  • Superior, spherical visor eliminates distortion and offers broad view
  • Anti-scratch visor also with replaceable protection cover
  • Two exhalation valves provide low breathing resistance
  • 6-point harness with non-sticky surface prevents hair entanglement
  • Suits a wide range of filters & PAPR systems

  • Chemical Handling
  • Asbestos Handling
  • Spray Painting
  • Agriculture
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Recycling
  • Cleaning

Product Specifications



435 grams


Available sizes:


Medium & Large






mask body - thermoplastic elastomer TPE


visor - polycarbonate


head harness - polybutylene terephthalate TPU


Protection factor (NPF):












EN 12942 TM3


EN 136 CL3