Respiratory Protection

CleanAir Asbest PAPR with Full Face Mask

Product Code: RPA538a

Exceptionally light and compact powered air respiratory system which is designed for active respiratory and face protection with remediation of materials containing asbestos!  The complete system offers extremely good protection when removing asbestos and other similar contaminants.

Product Features
  • Low weight and compact - only 385 grams including battery and filter!
  • Simple operation
  • High nominal protection factor (NPF2000)
  • 5 hour operation time
  • Simple decontamination
  • Replacement filters available

Kit Includes:
  • R710600L - Full Face Respirator
  • R590002 - Asbest Battery-Powered Unit
  • R590030 - Battery charger to suit CleanAIR Asbest
  • R560010 - P3 Particle Filter
  • RLB452 - Li-ion Battery
  • CONT-BOX - Storage Box