Respiratory Protection

GX02 Full Face Mask complete

GX02 Full Face Mask complete

Product Code: R710600L (Was RGX02)

Complies to: AS/NZS 1716:2012

Shigematsu GX02 - High-end full face mask with advanced ergonomic design

The full face mask Shigematsu GX02 offers the highest level of respiratory protection in highly contaminated environments. The mask can be used with a wide range of standard canister filters and powered air purifying systems CleanAIR®. The mask body is made of a high quality silicone which ensures extensive chemical resistance and a long operation life. Its double seal flange maintains maximal seal while keeping the high level of comfort for the wearer supported by two exhalation valves reducing the breathing resistance and keeping the mask cool and dry. The six point head harness ensures secure and easy fit. The wide panoramic visor provides a broad visual field. The visor is equipped with anti-scratch coating that guarantees high mechanical resistance which can be further increased by a protection foil. The visor is exchangeable. The mask is equipped with a speech diaphragm which facilitates communication


The mask is suitable for use in the environments with heavy chemical or biological contamination and meets the highest demands on respiratory protection. Besides chemical industry it can be used in pharmaceutical industry, laboratories, spraying facilities and in remediation operations

Features & Benefits

  • Double seal flange for maximum protection and comfort
  • High chemical resistance
  • Exchangeable wide panoramic visor
  • Anti-scratch coating
  • Six point head harness
  • Two exhalation valves ensure a low breathing resistance
  • Speech diaphragm
  • Visor protection foil available


Available sizes:

Small, Medium and Large



660g (size Small)

673g (size Medium)

700g (size Large)



Mask Body - silicone rubber

Visor - polycarbonate

Head Harness - natural rubber

Protection factor (NPF): 


Hose/filter connection: 



EN 12942 TM3

EN 136 CL3