Height Safety

Maxisafe Heavy Duty Mini Block Retractable 2m Lanyard

Maxisafe Heavy Duty Mini Block Retractable 2m Lanyard

Product Code: ZWS2002H

Product Features

  • Ideal for fall arrest applications where the anchor point is within 2.5m of an exposed edge or there is a need to reduce fall distance
  • Sealed inner housing and mechanisms means the Mini Block does not need to be pulled apart and serviced, just the daily inspection by a competent Height Safety Equipment Inspector
  • Swivel attachment at anchorage end with Fall Indicator
  • 47mm High Strength Polyester Webbing
  • Lightweight Protective outer casing
  • 16kN capacity Twist Lok Karabiners (ANSI Certified)
  • Integrated Energy Absorber for shock absorption
  • Minimum Breaking Strength 15kN
  • 10 Year shelf life / 5 year working life
  • Certified to EN 360:2002 standards
  • Certified to 100kgs
  • Expiry: 10 Years from date of manufacture¬†


  • Stock picking
  • Cherry picker
  • Sharp edges