Respiratory Protection

STS Half Face Respirator - Silicone

STS Half Face Respirator - Silicone
Product Code: RRX01
  • Certified to AS/NZ 1716
  • Certified to EN140:1998
  • The STS RX01 Half Face Respirator is for the professional tradesman, combining comfort, protection and low maintenance costs.
  • Only 180Grams in weight!
  • Large Speech Diaphragm for optimum speech transmission.
  • Made from 100% Silicone for maximum comfort.
  • Large diameter valves create low breathing resistance and reduce wearer fatigue.
  • Bayonet Filter mechanism enables fast, secure connection of filters.
  • Slim Shape - exhalation and inhalation valve mechanisms are both embedded in the face piece.
  • The adjustable elastic harness is threaded through the front cover of mask to ensure good stability and balance.
  • Easy adjustment of strap length just fasten the buckle on the back of the neck.
  • Available in sizes Medium, Large.

Made in Japan

  • Emergency Services
  • Spray painting industrys
  • Handling animals
  • Spraying pesticides
  • Automotive and Fibreglass industry
  • Agriculture industry
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