Respiratory Protection

MaxiPak RS01 TPE Half Mask Respirator Painter's Kit

MaxiPak RS01 TPE Half Mask Respirator Painter's Kit
Product Code: RRS01PK
The choice for painter's requiring respiratory protection from fumes.  Kit includes A1 Gas Filter and P2 Particle Prefilter with retaining cap. Convenient respiratory kit designed for asbestos removal and environments containing dust. The kit comes complete with the STS Half Face Reusable Respirator. The unique solid top particulate filter casing design reduces premature caking and clogging from dirt, grime, water or dust. The protective casing also aids decontamination practices.

Certified to AS/NZ 1716

Kit Contains:
  • 1 x Shigematsu RRS01 Half Face Respirator
  • 2 x Shigematsu RCA-A1 Gas Filters
  • 2 x Shigematsu P2RC Particle Filters
  • 3 x Hygiene Alcohol Wipes for cleaning mask
  • Re-usable, Sealable and Food-Grade container for storage
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