Respiratory Protection

CleanAir Helmet CA-40GW with Welding shield and grinding visor

Product Code: R704203

Features & Benefits 
- Multiple protection - 5 levels of protection at once: eye, face, head, respiratory and optional hearing protection
- Easy to wear, easy to use and easy to maintain system
- Compatible with ADFs or passive filters 110 x 90 mm
- Superb quality spherical visor guarantees an excellent field of vision
- Anti-fog coating prevents the visor from fogging
- Anti-scratch coating increases the mechanical durability of the visor
- Shade 4, shade 5 and yellow visors available
- Enhanced robustness - protection against high-speed particles with HIGH energy
- In-built air distribution system
- The highest standard in respiratory protection - TH3

- Grinding & surface finishing
- Construction industry
- Heavy industry
- Shipbuilding
- Automotive Industry
- Stone benchtop Industry

Weight:1255 grams
Dimensions:300 mm / 240 mm / 320 mm
Grinding Visor Polycarbonate
280 mm x 150 mm
Welding Filter110 mm x 90 mm
Viewing Area
100 mm x 53mm- AERTEC
Grinding VisorPolycarbonate 280mm x 150mm
EN 166 1,A,K,N
EN379 1/1/2, EN 175 S, B, EB 397
EN12941 TH3, EN 14594 3B
Protection Factor (NPF)- 500