Respiratory Protection

CleanAIR Pressure Conditioner Unit

CleanAIR Pressure Conditioner Unit

Product Code: R610050 (Was RPC1114)

CleanAIR Pressure Flow Master with stand and filter

CleanAIR® Pressure Conditioner

CleanAIR® Pressure Conditioner contains the high capacity combined filter that removes solid particles, oil mist and unpleasant odours out of the air line system.

Areas of application
Can be used in combination with CleanAIR® Pressure (Flow Master) and improve the quality of the air flowing into the headtop
  • Automotive industry - welding, grinding, surface finishing operations, heavy industrial environments, chemical industry, laboratories.

Product Features
  • Low weight
  • Economical operation
  • High levels of airflow
  • Warning low pressure system
  • Option of filtration of supplied air with CleanAIR® Conditioner
  • Compatible with a wide range of CleanAIR® headtops



240 mm / 380 mm / 220 mm

Inlet connection:

RECTUS 25, 26 and CEJN 320

Outlet connection:

RECTUS 25, 26 and CEJN 320

Inlet pressure:

300 - 1 000 kPa


Steel - powder-coated finish

Recommended inlet hose:

R610030 - Pressure hose standard (length: 10 m)

Recommended outlet hose:R610046 - Pressure hose spiral (length: 10 m)
Storage conditions:-10°C to + 55°C, humidity 20 - 95 % Rh
Operating conditions:0°C to + 60°C, humidity 20 - 95 % Rh
Weight:6800 grams

Compatible Accessories & Spare Parts

Pressure hose standard 10 m - Product Code R610030
Pressure hose standard 25 m - Product Code R610038
Pressure hose standard 50 m - Product Code R610039
Pressure hose spiral 10 m - Product Code R610046
Filter for CA Pressure Conditioner - Product Code R610010