Respiratory Protection

Ready 2 Weld Kit - OptoMAX and CA AerGO

Ready 2 Weld Kit - OptoMAX and CA AerGO

Product Code: R30.4441.601 (Was ROA1119)

Complies to: AS/NZS 1716:2012, AS/NZS 1337.1:2010

Product Features

  • Fully automated shade level adjustment for any welding procedure in the 5-13 range
  • Natural-colour view in the entire protection range and ultra-HD quality in classes 1/1/1/1
  • In-built air distribution system delivers the air right into the breathing zone

AerTEC OptoMAXAir Welding helmet with auto-darkening welding filter and air distribution system

CleanAIR AerGo PAPR Belt Unit air-purifying respirator with particle filter and Li-ion battery

Accessories Hose QuickLOCK, duffel bag, charger, comfort belt, MIG/MAG gloves